Friday, May 05, 2006

A minute to say hello.

You can't go wrong with a Jeffrey Zeldman template. Hrm. OK actually, I think I'm going to switch to this Dave Shea one. There. There we go. Whatever... you can't go wrong with either designer or template for that matter.

I was on Blogger a long time ago, but that time has long, long passed. It wasn't even a Google product then. The last time I touched Blogger, I think it was about 2000. (I'm not sure most people can believe my username is "glenda" on this thing.) Wow, times have really changed, and so has this product. Good job.

So it just occurred to me today... is "Agendacide" on Blogspot taken? So I came to find out if that was the case. (Insert shoutout to Mr. Case here.) Not so, which kind of amazes me actually. I thought it would be a crime if I didn't at least have a little spot to say "i wuz heer" and write silly messages.

Go here to find me. See ya there.